How many evenings have we lost?

Time gone by and to what cost?


A thousand times I’ll wish,

For us, to be more, than this.


Instead, the gap grows…

The devil’s plan, he knows.


If only you could hear!

My heart, held by fear.


Forward – lies us apart.

So far, from our start.


Unless love can beat time

And these words redefine.


Then perchance we will find

Us, once more entwined.


© K.N.Liddington

Médecins sans Frontières

Les Médecins sans frontières

N’ont pas peur des barrières,

Sont là pour nous aider,

Nous rendre et  nous protégér.

Les sauveteurs en guerre,

L’enfant blessé crie pour sa mère…

Les médecins, nos sœurs et frères,

Réparent les cœurs parmi les pierres.

Au nom du bien de l’être humain,

Dans ce monde parfois malsain,

Apparaissent nos vrais anges gardiens,

Mes héros et les tiens.

© K.N.Liddington


It was a balmy, sunlit day when she and ship set forth,

Knowing nought but the stars and the bearings of the compass’s course.


Away, away, to shimmer on the silken sea.

Away, away, from man and society she did flee.


Off she took to the valiant, vast oceans,

To encounter flying fish and dolphins.


Alone and determined aboard her trusty vessel,

Happy and smiling as the south winds savor the sail.


Adventure and discovery far from earthly ties,

Just like Thoreau, below the unending skies.

© K.N.Liddington



The winds brushing the palm trees,

Singing our soft and silent ease.

The warm painted walls dispel,

The clanging toll of London’s bell.

Sand and sea entice and murmur,

Could your cares and worries be further?

The muffled echoes of tranquil streets,

Caress and offer sun-kissed treats.

Heaven, heaven am I really here?

Did that darkling cloud truly clear?

Spanish guitar and sweet-iced sangria,

Blessed in the boughs of violet bougainvillea.

© K.N.Liddington



Words trip down the page…

Healing the hurt of an age,

Poetry above all can save,

The brokenhearted brave.


Whether its that song,

Or a quote from bygones,

Those words, that saying,

The melody of  piano playing,

Poetry in all its forms,

Sweet solace, glory-born.

The passing of peace,

From each-to-each.


Rejoice in the soothing,

The delicious oozing,

Of unctuous words musing

The thrills of our choosing.

© K.N.Liddington




Oh, they huff and they puff,

When the going gets tough.

The bastards will get you down,

Point, laugh and make you the clown.


They’ll whisper something nastily,

Concealed amongst quaint niceties.

When your gut’s felt the punch –

Well, they enjoy it a whole bunch.


The naysayers,  the truth takers,

The nice makers, the game players.

Well, don’t let them see you hurt,

Don’t let them tread you into the dirt.


It’s no use, pay them no mind,

First and foremost to yourself be kind.

Keep and cherish your inner child,

Only you can know your own smile.


Love you for you, as others should too!

Love the ones you know to be true.

Stay strong  and ever steadfast –

Tin soldier, you’ll find some peace at last.

© K.N.Liddington

The Kiss

The kiss, at last the kiss

Luxuriate in listless bliss

I can repaint the memory

In a kaleidoscope ceremony

Blushing embellishment,

Flavoured with sentiment.

In gold leaf edge, Oil on time

Vivid, textured, mine.

© K.N.Liddington

Cavort and Cajole

They laughed and danced,

Till the morning lanced

The joy of the night,

That debauched delight.

Of shadow’s shimmers

And evening’s glimmers,

Sang the wild beast,

For the fire’s feast.

Bodies and sundries,

Forget-me-not please.

These shining moments,

Of youthful serpents.

Cavort and cajole,

Explore thy soul.

Find the inner depths,

Quench the quest.

Taste fine beauty,

Within thine duty,

Till the devil sings

And we are kings.

© K.N.Liddington



The Sunless Star

Here I fall through space,

on a backdrop of starlit lace.

My ties are severed.

My life dismembered.


There, a bright orange fume,

glowing on the starry loom.

What words to define

a night-cloud so divine?


Such extraordinary beauty

Found here, now the air leaves me.

From whence I came?

What was my name?


I am here. And I am all.

Still ever as I fall…

         Behold the universe of splendour!

        One last look, so tender…

    1 minute 10 seconds.

       Come hither. Death beckons.


I am content to die.

For, I am the sky.

I am the speck from afar.

I am the sunless star.

© K.N.Liddington



The Perfection Of You

There lies the moon shrouded in vapour,

For your sweet lips to savour.

There, the fog and the mist,

Remember the muggy night we kissed?


In cloaked clouds and shadows,

We discovered our love in bellows.

When you tilted your head pensively…

And I succumbed to the love of you inevitably.


The ivy twists and turns carefully binding,

The discordant melody of our finding.

To love is to lose yourself in bliss,

Lean in and feel the cherished kiss.


What we seek was always here,

For us to discover and cheer!

The world is dark and chaotic,

Yet… our love is ecstatic.


Let not death unleash its hound,

For immortality we have found,

In this common union of two…
Lies the perfection of you.

© K.N.Liddington