The Mercenary

There once was a man known as no- name

who’d fled home to pursue ill-gotten gains.

A soldier of fortune he became, to sow

bullets and bloodshed for his every foe.


He’d string them up and bleed them out,

Acting unburdened by conscience or doubt.

What drives a man to forsake his name?

To kill others?  For greed, or for shame?


Once  –  he’d had a family

Once  –  he’d known mercy.


Now, behind smoke-filled eyes…

He contemplates his own demise.

Free from fear and driven by rage

This man would never die in a cage.


He’s a lone wolf,

a gun for hire,

A wicked man,

rough-wrought in fire.

© K.N.Liddington


Nest In Death

So… now, on to the quiet rest,

In death I’ll make a lover’s nest.

Warm, black shrouds to crown,

The mantle of life laid down.

In the passing of spark to ember,

Dancing souls, gone forever.

© K.N.Liddington




Saturn’s mysterious moon – Enceladus!

Oh! Please, won’t you enamour us?

With your many geysers and oceans,

Forgive us, our humble emotions.


The thought of hidden water and wonder,

Far, from our quivering Earth’s thunder…

Covered in ice, you shining space mirror,

Oh! How you reflect the sky’s shimmer.


Tell! How did your silver shores feel?

When Cassini your beauty did reveal?

Images of your secret treasure troves,

Sent back to human’s screens in droves.


What more to know and discover…?!

Will you be our lonely planet’s lover?

Until then we will continue to adore,

You, the great Enceladus, evermore.

© K.N.Liddington


How many evenings have we lost?

Time gone by and to what cost?


A thousand times I’ll wish,

For us, to be more, than this.


Instead, the gap grows…

The devil’s plan, he knows.


If only you could hear!

My heart, held by fear.


Forward – lies us apart.

So far, from our start.


Unless love can beat time

And these words redefine.


Then perchance we will find

Us, once more entwined.


© K.N.Liddington