London Tonight

London tonight – is how I feel.

The rain makes rivulets of eels,

Black tarmac and slick pavement,

Wet leather and callous intent.


The wind and the streets and the smell…

I see my torment in its mirror for a spell.

© K.N.Liddington


The Sun, The Moon and The Star

The Sun shone down on us like there was no tomorrow,

Like her light shone so brightly it extinguished our sorrow.

The Moon beamed a glow that was peaceful and wise,

As our fear and discomfort waxes and dies.

The Star looks on the Sun and Moon with nought but love.

These guardian angels of mine – sent from above.

© K.N.Liddington




Winter’s Numb



Oh! Summer’s suckled brow –

How long and far are you now?

Pillows of a many painted smile,

Light and bright all the while.

So, dark descends to mine,

The Sun of our heart’s design.

Morning’s eve are come,

Blurring the eyes of some.

In tenebrous flickers,

Our minds in blinkers.

Thoughts of love succumb,

To that of winter’s numb.


© K.N.Liddington