The Sun, The Moon and The Star

The Sun shone down on us like there was no tomorrow,

Like her light shone so brightly it extinguished our sorrow.

The Moon beamed a glow that was peaceful and wise,

As our fear and discomfort waxes and dies.

The Star looks on the Sun and Moon with nought but love.

These guardian angels of mine – sent from above.

© K.N.Liddington






Saturn’s mysterious moon – Enceladus!

Oh! Please, won’t you enamour us?

With your many geysers and oceans,

Forgive us, our humble emotions.


The thought of hidden water and wonder,

Far, from our quivering Earth’s thunder…

Covered in ice, you shining space mirror,

Oh! How you reflect the sky’s shimmer.


Tell! How did your silver shores feel?

When Cassini your beauty did reveal?

Images of your secret treasure troves,

Sent back to human’s screens in droves.


What more to know and discover…?!

Will you be our lonely planet’s lover?

Until then we will continue to adore,

You, the great Enceladus, evermore.

© K.N.Liddington

The Sunless Star

Here I fall through space,

on a backdrop of starlit lace.

My ties are severed.

My life dismembered.


There, a bright orange fume,

glowing on the starry loom.

What words to define

a night-cloud so divine?


Such extraordinary beauty

Found here, now the air leaves me.

From whence I came?

What was my name?


I am here. And I am all.

Still ever as I fall…

         Behold the universe of splendour!

        One last look, so tender…

    1 minute 10 seconds.

       Come hither. Death beckons.


I am content to die.

For, I am the sky.

I am the speck from afar.

I am the sunless star.

© K.N.Liddington