He didn’t see it… in the moments where the love bled out of me,

like the leaving of a plague.

I boiled it forth from me.

I scourged myself of love in its rampant, volcanic rivers.

I died, and I lived for it… till I denounced it.

Let every sand grain coarsely erode me, till nothing but deference is left.

Nothing but the blackest night.

Nothing but the darkest soul.


© K.N.Liddington


The Theatre Of Sin

A thunderous theatre of sin,

Where all the luscious kisses begin.

Torrid twisted corridors…

Exhorted ecstasy on all floors.


A rolling dance of soft, supple flesh,

Of steam rising from lovers’ breath.

Swirling beams illuminate the mass,

Mirrors share caresses in the black.


Fingers slope inward seeking succour,

Bodies flirt and defy with sweet rancour.

A circus of sex and a spectacle of pleasure,

Go inside and find the tempted treasure.


A sepulchre of the dizzy, dancing dead,

The light has not forsaken these golden heads,

A myriad of soft lips in corsets and feathers,

Slender obscure men dripping in leather.


Welcome to the doomsday ball!

Hark! Come one, come all!

We can satisfy the hunger,

Of tearing desire asunder!

© K.N.Liddington