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K.N.Liddington BA(Hons) is a west-London based poet /performer and singer /songwriter.

On this page you will find a catalogue of her work to date (including writer’s notes) covering diverse themes ranging from history to space, however, she is chiefly concerned with writing about mental health, social commentary and culture.

A keen advocate for the importance of creativity and community in our society today, she has participated in fundraising events for charities, as well as creative projects in response to the 14 June 2017 Grenfell Tower tragedy (her piece ‘Grenfell Tower / Our Saddest Hour’ can be found here: https://knliddington.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/grenfell-tower-our-saddest-hour/ ).

Born in London of predominantly Irish descent, she lived and studied in the UK until the age of 12, at which point she moved to France and completed her school education there, receiving a French Literary Baccalaureat, before returning to the UK for her degree (European Studies and French and German) at the University of Bath. She has also lived and worked in Germany and spent time in the United States. After completing her course at Bath she returned to London, where she has resided for the past three years.

Currently concerned with the psychological and societal ramifications of modern technology on our day to day lives and well-being she is focussed on promoting critical thinking and awareness.

K.N.Liddington on her poem ‘Hors Système’:

“This piece is a social commentary reacting to our desensitization, isolation, and misinformation. All such pieces are written with a view to expressing dissatisfaction with the faults of our society and encouraging readers to question our routines, our truths – for the hope of a better future.”


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