Heed The Call Of The Wild



Heed the call of the wild,

Seek and discover Nature’s child,

Breathe in that salty wind,

As the shadow of our hearts rescind.

Feel the echoes and shivers,

As the gusts whip up the rivers,

Cobwebs of ache torn apart,

Here in the Scottish tempest’s heart.

Then in to the warm embrace,

Of a homely hearth, fire ablaze.

To sip on whisky and winter,

Content as our souls sinter.

© K.N.Liddington


The Man Carter

“Gold, everywhere, the glint of gold…”

In those dark caverns of old,

Saw the man, Carter –

Beyond time and farther…


Shadows reveal dark glistening eyes,

Of King Tut’s masked demise,

Amidst chariots and splendour,tutt

Lay the boy, once the Nile’s defender.


Warm wisps of invisible fumes,

As the uncovered old exhumes,

To startle the young souls of new,

Rumours of ancient times pierce through.


And so, the man Carter foresaw,

His mark in history he would draw,

With tales and whispers of treasure,

Of Gods’ and Pharaohs’ ancient pleasure.

© K.N.Liddington

The Gardens of Singapore

The sleek steel tendrils lifted,

To the sky, the green they gifted.

People walk touching the clouds,

Swathed in warm leafy shrouds.

Gentle star lights glimmering,

Nature and human design-imaging.

This divine cohabitation –

Offers up to all some salvation.

The yellow and violet sky

Winks down with weepy eye.

To see man and nature be free,

Finding at last some sweet harmony.

© K.N.Liddington